Network Eagle Alerts

Message Formatting

Message formatting is a special feature that allows you to insert dynamic information about your check into your alerts.

The following patterns can be used in the values of fields in alerts (fields supporting this feature are listed at the end of the page):
%h Host address.
%d Host description ( the value of the description field).
%s Current status string (error, ok, checking, not checked).
%p More detailed description. For example, for an FTP check it can look likes this ftp://user:@hostaddr:1021/dir/
%e If the last check is failed, this pattern will be replace with the error message that was generated while checking the service, otherwise it will be replaced with an empty string.
%t This pattern will be replaced with the time of the last check. It is the time just before the last check began.
%D This pattern will be replace with the time when the alert was activated. So, it is the exact time when patterns are replaced with actual values.

The following fields support message formatting:
Command Program File
Mail Subject
SysLog Message
SMS [pro] SMS Text

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