Network Eagle User Interface

Groups Panel

General information

The Groups panel is located in the left part of the main window of the Network Eagle application. This panel is used to display, navigate and maintain the tree of your check groups. You can start/stop all checks in a group at any moment woth one click. Also, you can move/copy checks between groups using the clipboard or the drag-and-drop technology.

Adding a new group

Select the item you want to be parent for the new one in the Groups tree. Select Checks\New Group or right-click it and select New Group from the popup menu. A new group named 'New group' will be created. Enter some other group name if you want your group to have another name. That's all.

Renaming a group

Select the group you want to rename in the Groups panel and press F2. After that enter a new name for the group. Your group is renamed.

Removing a group

Select the group you want to remove (note that all checks both in this group and in its subgroups will be removed too and you will not be able to restore this information so you should perform this operation very carefully). After you select the group, press the Del button on the keyboard, or select Edit\Delete, or roght-click it and select Delete from the popup menu. You will be prompted to answer the question 'Do you really want to remove this group?'. After you answer 'Yes', this group will be removed.

Using the drag and drop technology

You can use the drag and drop technology to move or copy groups from one group to another. If you press and hold down the Ctrl key while dropping and dragging a group, it will be copied, otherwise it will be moved to its new location.

Also, you can use the drag and drop technology to move/copy individual check(s) from the Checks panel (from the currently selected group) to another group. The copy/move rules are the same - holding down the Ctrl key, you will copy items, otherwise they will be moved.

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