Network Eagle User Interface

Checks Panel

General information

The Checks panel is located in the upper-right part of the main Network Eagle window. This panel is used to display, navigate and maintain checks in the currently selected group. When you select a group in the Groups panel, the content of this group is displayed in the Checks panel. You can see the running state oà the checks, the statuses of the last checks and other useful information about individual checks in this panel.

You can start/stop individual checks or groups of selected checks. A double click on a check in this panel opens the properties dialog box for this check. Right-click on this panel. You will see a popup menu with the operations you can apply to the currently selected check(s) in this panel. Using this menu, you can apply the standard clipboard operations, select all, delete, start/stop checks, access the properties of the selected checks and add new checks into the current group.

You can resize and rearrange columns in this panels the way you like it. The order and size of columns will be restored the next time you start the application. By right-clicking the header of the columns header, you can access the popup menu where you can switch on/off individual columns in the Check panel.

See Also

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