Network Eagle User Interface


General information

This topic contains the complete description of all the options in the Network Eagle application. To access the Options dialog box, select Tools\Options from the application menu. In the Options dialog box there are several categories of options. These categories are listed in the list in the left part of the dialog box. Select a category from the list and the corresponding page with the options of this category will be displayed in the right part of the Options dialog box.

Option categories

Follow the links below to get help for the corresponding category of options.

This category contains general application options.
This category allows you to create and modify global variables for alerts.
This options category allows you to configure various user nofitication options.
This category contains options for configuring various connection parameters.
This category contains options for configuring the logging process.
Logging/Trace Logging
This category allows you to configure various options of logging protocol traces.
This category contains general options for the built-in syslog client.

See Also

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