Using Network Eagle

Export data to XML

General information

Exporting to the XML format is a special feature in Network Eagle Monitor allowing you to easily transform the information about checks/alerts/dependencies into any suitable format. XML is an abbreviation of the Extensible Markup Language. XML is playing an increasingly important role in exchanging a wide variety of data on the Web and elsewhere. You can find out more about XML at (it will be opened in a new window).


Exporting to XML can be accessed with the help of the menu File/Export/As AML. Select this menu item. You will be asked to select classes of data to be exported. After you click OK, you will be asked about the location of the file where you want to place the generated XML. After you select a valid file location, the XML content with the information about all groups/checks in Network Eagle Monitor will be generated. The generation process will take one or two seconds.

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